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Introduction to Agile

Agile transformation is synonymous with higher code quality and better software outcomes. In this guide, we’ll detail how we’ve helped enterprise orgs navigate transformation. Better App Infrastructure. Agile Software Dev. Modernize Apps Faster. Replatform Applications.

Who We Are

We offer training to professionals in both the public and corporate sectors. Our courses are designed to offer the best-customized solutions for all your training needs. Based in Ontario, we help companies across the globe to acquire certification, upskill, cross skill employees and also support organizations in transforming by adopting Agile.

The Rising Demand for Leading Agile Transformation and Implementation

Agile was first launched in 2001. Agile is a different methodology of software development that comprises various approaches under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of team collaboration, continual planning, and continual learning. Implementing Agile enables teams to deliver the product faster with enhanced quality and predictability, and flexibility to respond to change.

Agile methodology’s popularity can be attributed to every organization jumping on the Agile transformation bandwagon to develop software or a version of it. 

Agile Courses

  • Fundamentals
  • Events & Ceremony
  • Reporting & Metrics
  • Stepping Stone to  become Agile Coach
  • Understanding Kanban
  • Understanding Kanban Metrics
  • Understanding Scrum Roles & Responsibilities
  • Understanding Scrum Board
  • Understanding Scrum Artifacts
  • Stepping Stone to become Scrum Master

Why Choose Us ?

  • Industry knowledge
  • Openness and forward-thinking
  • A commitment to the student experience
  • Analytical capacity
  • Passion for training
  • Adept at networking
  • Stays in touch with trends and developments

Get Started With Agile Transformation

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